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Ans : English Wish to be able to act in an English film and also getting more foreign friends now, I wish to know more about the English culture........... Ans : Got the books from friends so I basically don't need to spend a cent on it!

Ans : Dog person As I've kept Dachshunds, I like dogs more..........

Ans : Even though I have many pairs, I have only been wearing two pairs (Laugh) I bought them when I thought I would be wearing them, but it didn't turn out that way(Laugh) I ended up wearing those I like........... Ans : 1,4,94 and 9 because my birthday is on 9th of April.

Q09 : What pet phrase do others think you always use?

Ans : Maybe I'll be staying at home as usual (Laugh).......... Ans : Mobile phone If there's no mobile phone, I think it should be ok.

Q43 : If the earth is going to be destroyed tomorrow?

Q63 : Recently what makes you laugh till your tummy ached?

Q69 : What sort of praise from others will make you happy?

Ans : When I can't decide on my dance movements.......... Q01 : How do you feel about working with Karina in the Feb issue of Ray? As we got to know one another since elementary school, there's no barrier between us so it was a delightful experience........... (Sorry, cannot be seen because of the white background of his white shirt).......... Ans : Even though I have not counted, there's definitely more than 30 pieces of them! 1 because I feel that it's great to be number 1........... (Sorry, answer can't be seen as well because of his white shirt! Ans : Thought I have to work on that day but turned out that it was a rest day! Ans : Chatting with friend....only tell this much(Laugh) ..........

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