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Residents can extend their deadline by hunting and tranquilizing the single people who live in the forest; each captured "loner" earns them a day.On one hunt, a woman with a fondness for biscuits offers David sexual favours, which he declines.She tells him that if she fails to find a mate, she will kill herself by jumping from a hotel window.John then wins the affections of a woman with constant nosebleeds by purposely smashing his nose in secret.The film is a co-production by Ireland, the United Kingdom, Greece, France and the Netherlands.

The website's critical consensus reads, "As strange as it is thrillingly ambitious, The Lobster is definitely an acquired taste — but for viewers with the fortitude to crack through Yorgos Lanthimos' offbeat sensibilities, it should prove a savory cinematic treat." Oliver Lyttelton of The Playlist awarded the film an "A" grade and described it as "an atypically rich and substantial comedy" with "an uproarious yet deadpan satire concerning societal constructs, dating mores and power structures that also manages to be a surprisingly moving, gloriously weird love story." He concluded that the film was Lanthimos' "most accessible and purely enjoyable film yet".

Their initial conversation is interrupted by the screams of the biscuit-loving woman, who has injured herself by jumping from a first floor window.

Although troubled by the incident, David pretends to enjoy the woman's suffering to gain the heartless woman's interest.

However, he escapes and, with the help of a sympathetic maid, tranquilizes and transforms his partner into an unspecified animal.

Escaping the hotel, David joins the loners in the woods.

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