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Age Grouper of the Week Towel sent through this weeks age grouper, John Bryant. Last year i set up the ATG- Austria Training Group for the rugby triathlon club that were doing IM Austria, there were 8 athletes but also a few hangers on for various sessions.

This Weeks Discussion Brought to you by get the latest cool gear and use the discount code IMT78. This weeks discussion is: What are some discussions we can do in the future. If you want to add a comment click here: add comment then open the discussion.

We may have done this in the past, fingers crossed that we haven’t!

Website of the Week This week we have a couple websites that are trying to put on running events that organised running events all around the world on one day.

The Council for Responsible Sport is setting up a set of standards for races to be stamped as environmentally responsible.

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Port Macquarie local Melinda Cockshutt, racing in the female 30-34 agegroup took out 3rd female overall in a time of 9.50. Thanks and keep up the great work Website of the WeekToby sent through this weeks website: what he said. not ironman specific, but a good initiative in the US - and they're starting with triathlons (think the guys who set it up seem to be triathletes mainly so they're starting there).

Melinda works, she is a mother of two young children and not only that, her husband Todd was also racing and he finished in 10.55. Press release (see bottom of this email) was reported on Xtri two weeks ago.

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