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According to the RT31P2 in order for dynamic dns to work you have to use one of the 2 providers they say. I transferred my domain over to and I know it's configured right on that end.When I attempt to activate ddns on the router set up it tells me the host name is unknown. Just reviving a long dead thread in hopes someone has stumbled across the answer to this problem here.After firmware updates etc., I found this article confirming that the E1000 and E2000 don't allow it but the E3000 ( $$$s) does.

Leave the TTL and Wildcard settings at the default, and press Save! Select the entire string (including any characters at the end, such as the equal sign in the above example) and copy it to your system’s clip board (CTRL C on a Windows box). Next, enter the username and password you chose when setting up your Free DNS. In the Hostname field, enter the full subdomain and domain name you want to associate with your connection’s IP address, then a comma, followed by the unique update token for the record. Our example’s hostname would be: steve.example.com, ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ1234567890= Select “Yes” for Do not use external ip check. Here’s what that tab should look like when you’re done entering your settings: When you’re done, press Save and then Apply Settings.If you concerned about compatibility, flip your router over, get the version numbers and check the matrix.Linksys released versions 1.0 through 4.0 (I have an unused 1.1 and a 2.0 I'm using) powered by Linux. Then, sadly, Linksys released version 5.0 powered by Vx Works and the hacking community was bummed.even if they were using something other than a D-Link router.Eventually, D-Link caught on, and kicked off everyone that couldn’t verify they actually owned a D-Link router with a valid Note: I’ve got an old D-Link DIR-615 wireless router that I no longer use, but because I have a valid serial number and MAC address from that router, D-Link still allowed me to keep a free DDNS account through their partnership with Dyn. As of the writing of this post, they still offer 100% free dynamic DNS services.

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