Work dating tips

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And like friends dating, you already know you’ve got masses in common.

But imagine the tension at the water-cooler should things go wrong, not to mention the escalation in office politics. So are those trysts on the stairwell best kept a fantasy?

It will certainly add extra pressures – there’s no escaping an argument, one of you might get promoted at the expense of the other.

It should not have required the prolonged furore of #metoo to educate us on the basics of respectful boundaries in the workplace, but now there’s even less of an excuse.

Keep it quiet initially, until you have at least established some medium-term potential for the relationship, but after that be as honest as possible with your colleagues.

Be open about potential conflicts of interest and recuse yourself from professional situations where it’s within your power to favour your partner over another employee.

Despite these warnings, there are circumstances where an office romance can lead to unbreakable bonds.

Everybody knows someone who met their spouse at work.

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