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Sporting an Amazonian look, more control over her ability to change, and maintaining her intelligence after transformation, She-Hulk challenges the very definition of the word “Hulk,” presenting a pleasant contrast to the monstrous transformation of her cousin.Jennifer Walters was a shy lawyer prior to a mafia-related shooting, but when Bruce Banner was the only person around with the same blood-type, she became something a little more sensational -- practicing lawyer and superhero all rolled into one.Bruce himself is the main antagonist of the series, and was able to remain at full, Hulk-level strength without transformation.She-Hulk's survival after most of the heroes have perished raises a lot of questions about consent.

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The results of this unholy union speak for themselves -- a troop of green, hulked-out yokels terrorizing what's left of California in a dystopian nightmare reality.Dan Slott later explained away the events of 435, claiming that this was an alternate universe version of She-Hulk and making sure that Austin's inclusion of the character in the story arc had no lasting ramifications, besides some snarky jokes from her friends and colleagues.She-Hulk has been presented throughout her history as quite a sexually liberated character and, frankly, we love her all the more for it, even if it is caused by her gamma-radiated blood. The good news is, she wasn't signed on as his attorney at the time.She-Hulk calls off the wedding, stating the lack of trust being the main reason, but it was probably the multiple counts of attempted murder and the fact that he's living with hundreds of other mole people underground. #9, readers get to see what a successful marriage between a gamma-radiated amazonian woman and an anthropomorphized, animal-based character really looks like, much to Mole Man's expected displeasure. However, his relationship with Jen was not marred with this curse.The couple had been living together for quite some time before deciding to elope, getting married in Las Vegas.

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