Who is leonard cohen dating

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For the title track, he posthumously received a Grammy Award for best rock performance.In 2008 he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and in 2010 he was honoured with a Grammy for lifetime achievement. And in this era, where we have to decide almost daily if we can separate the art from the artist, Leonard Cohen’s relationship with Marianne Ihlen, in which the remarkable songwriter and itinerant ladies man took so much in order to make himself into a global superstar, looms large.But a new documentary, , out this weekend, sheds a sympathetic, if unflinching, light on the complicated but enduring relationship between Cohen and the woman often identified as the person who most supported and inspired him, especially in his early, woebegone days.“I think Marianne had the ability to discern the strength in people,” Nick Broomfield, the film’s director, who knew both Ihlen and Cohen, told me recently.

But I think she had the ability to bring out their strengths and to help hone their art.In 2005 Cohen discovered that his business manager had embezzled some million from his savings, virtually wiping out his retirement fund.While he won a .9 million judgment against her the following year, Cohen was unable to recover the money, and he embarked on a concert tour—his first in 15 years—in 2008 to rebuild his finances.Dozens of love letters written by singer-songwriter, poet and novelist Leonard Cohen sold at auction last Thursday for a total of 6,000.The letters were written by the Canadian literary legend to Marianne Ihlen, Cohen’s girlfriend in the 1960s, and the inspiration for one of his best-known songs, “So Long, Marianne.”The lots, auctioned by Christie’s, fetched more money than expected, according to Reuters.

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