Who is chad gilbert dating

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hayl ask PS i love you hayley willams forever from xenon gooch easton college England cambridgeshire Hayley's boyfriend, Chad Gilbert, lives in LA.

When their bands aren't touring, Hayley frequently goes there to see him and her friends that live in LA.

Kroeger’s private life is not as rocking as his professional life.

Till now, Chad Kroeger married once but this was ended up with separation.

On moving to West Vancouver, their The Village Idiots band changed into Nickelband and then again he and Ryan Peake became notable members of that band.

His love and passion towards music grow stronger thus in 2002, Kroeger became the co-founder of music production company title 604 records.

Prior to Williams, Gilbert married Eisley vocalist Sherri Du Pree in early 2007. Im pretty sure they broke up because, they were going through un-released troubles, and were about to break up the band over it, but just decided to stay friends for the band.

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It was clear Josh had feelings for Hayley and then Chad rubbed it in by dedicating a song to Josh, cause' he was dating Hayley.His life basically revolves around music, a cause he has been involved in for the larger part of his life.Chad Gilbert joined his first band, Shai Hulud at the age of 14 and for the last two decades, he has been the lead guitarist, backing vocals and composes for the rock band, New Found Glory.You can catch references to her stays in LA on her twitter @yelyahwilliams.Hayley Williams is in a relationship with chad Gilbert of new found glory, they have been dating since early 2008. Her family and band members are her most important people and her current boyfriend Chad Gilbert, guitarist of New Found Glory.

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