Wendall dating

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This line of reasoning persuades her to remain at the lab.

Season 1 Episode 17, "The Skull in the Desert", reveals that, for "three weeks out of the year, Angela has a boyfriend and a vacation." Angela's first revealed steady boyfriend, Kirk, is a "pseudo-famous photographer" who lives in the desert of New Mexico.

Their five-year relationship ends abruptly when Kirk goes off into the desert with his Indian guide and never returns.

At the beginning of season two, Hodgins became obviously interested in her, and pursued her more openly.

According to Angela, he was the guy to whom she compared all other guys.

Angela and Hodgins met when Angela was brought on to work at the Jeffersonian by Brennan.

After refusing Hodgins' marriage proposal twice, she proposed to him.

Throughout seasons four and five, the two struggled with their relationship, eventually appearing to form a close, albeit awkward, friendship.

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