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1923 RCA Radiola, 1928 Ever Ready AC Receiver Model 3, 1928 RCA Victor model 110 table radio, 1933 Philco model 610 table radio, 1936 Wards Airline 93BR 715 - A 2-band tabletop radio, 1939 Zenith 6S556 console radio, 1940 Farnsworth BC1041 3-band console radio, 1941 1941 Zenith 6D525 tabletop radio General Electric model 200 table radio, 1946 Zenith model 7H922 table radio, 1950 Zenith model 6D525 table radio, 1941 (2 copies) General Electric 410 table radio, 1951 RCA Victor 1-X-52 bookshelf radio, 1952 Norelco B3X98A 3-band tabletop radio, 1961 General Electric T164A portable radio, 1959 Zenith model H845 tabletop radio, 1964 Radio Rentals (UK) Model 68, c.1965 KLH model Eight table FM radi0, 1960 and a second one, dated 1961) Panasonic AM/FM radio model no.782B, 1963 Philco D736 Clock/radio, 1956 Viscount model 6TP102 pocket radio, 1958 Panasonic model RF504 pocket radio, c.1980 Katone 3369 AM/FM pocket radio, 1971 Panasonic Panapet 70, 1962 RCA Victor model 4RH11 pocket transistor radio, 1963 General Electric Radioforte G95, 1938 Farnsworth BT-50 table radio, 1941 Philco 40-115C table radio, 1940 Philco 51-930 table radio, 1951 Philco 53-958 table radio, 1953 Wards Airline 25GSE1556D table radio, 1952 Telechron 'Musalarm'model 8H59 alarm clock/radio, 1946 Sears Silvertone 'farm radio' model number unknown, c.ACOUSTIC PHONOGRAPHS CYLINDER MACHINES: Edison Home 2/4 minute c.1902, brass horn Puck Lyra c.1898 Edison Amberola V, c. 1916 CC-32 Chippendale Console, c.1923 PATHE SAPPHIRE PHONOGRAPHS: Pathe model X phonograph, 1920 ACOUSTIC STANDARD DISC PHONOGRAPHS: Standard Model AA, c.1905 Berliner model K, c.1905 Dulcephone (UK), green horn, 1914 Brunswick Sharon, Ultona tonearm, 1923 Columbia Grafanola cabinet model Sears Silvertone cabinet model, c. IX, 1914 HMV Model 162, c.1925 Gilbert (UK) - model not yet identified, c.1913 Edison Amberola X, c.1913 Edison Amberola 75, c.1915 EDISON DIAMOND DISC MACHINES: C-150 Sheraton, c. 1919 internal horn phonograph (so far unidentified), c.1920 Columbia Grafanola model 204E, 1946 Victrola VV.240, 1924 Victrola VV.80, 1921 Victrola VV. 1924 Columbia Grafanola table model, c.1919 Sonora table model (type not yet identified) Morgan Musicmaster V console phonograph (date unknown) Peter Pan portable gramophone, 1921 Baby Cabinet Phonograph, 1920 Everton Style 20 cabinet phonograph, c.

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Consequently there are hundreds of variants of Edison machines, each with a plate listing the numerous patents applicable to that particular model – with the 1898 version slightly better than the 1897 one, only to be superceded in 1899.

Originally, a phonograph from the Victor Talking Machine Company, Camden, NJ, but it eventually became more of a generic term for any brand of phonograph.

The turntables of phonographs of that era were usually powered by wind-up springs. The grooves of the record caused the phonograph needle to vibrate and it, in turn, caused a metal diaphragm to which it was attached, to vibrate also.

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Phonographs, invented by Thomas Edison in 1877, have been made by many firms.

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