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Remember, it's not lying if you can vaguely justify it.#Time To Shine.#Sponsored by @orbitgum FOLLOW THE CAST: ALLY: GRANT: KATIE: LILY: DTAO: RAPH: REKHA: BRENNAN: SAM: See more us on: FOLLOW us on: FOLLOW us on: UP for our emails: Original link: https://Online dating is harder, because the margins for error are amplified and accentuated: one misstep, and you can be eliminated with a quick swipe to the left. I’ll walk you through my selection criteria, how I reach out to potential matches, what sort of responses I receive, and how my in-person dates turn out.This is the future of single’s entertainment.”Cornel Ivanescu - the CEO of Urban Verve (, the web development team involved in creating the site, said: "As the traditional dating sites are loosing new customers at an ever accelerating pace, the 21st century singles dating scene offers new ways of interacting that equate to less pressure on either sex.The relaxed atmosphere of base social networking sites like Facebook or My Space allows one to explore the multitudes and increases the odds of potentially finding the right someone, while getting to know their tastes and way of life (sometimes even minute by minute - Twitter) well ahead of even virtual contact.However, when an office colleague ranted about this ‘wonder app’ that lets you hook up with rich-successful-good looking boys (which I believe is an odd combination), I immediately judged her and them, all for being sexually frustrated.

I’m doing this both as a public service and for selfish reasons: I want a vastly improved, more trustworthy, and equitable playing field for all of us.

If you are interested in a person, you swipe to the right, if not, you swipe to the left. I did manage to find two men, who, after much deliberation made it to my Whats App.

YOLO was soon replaced by YOSO (you only swipe once), because one wrong swipe and you won’t see the boy ever again. Men with tigers (Like, is that a subliminal message of any sort? The first one was a pilot who also moonlighted as a musician.

To be clear, I didn’t want to meet anyone, because I have been too involved with CSI and I assume everyone is a psychopath.

Especially, when it comes to people on the internet.

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