Uw madison speed dating

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Enjoy an evening of artist talks with 11 eligible candidates currently pursuing their master of fine arts degree in Studio Art at UW–Madison, and guests can mingle with artists after the event.Following each 7-minute-long presentation, an audience member will be selected via raffle drawing to receive an original work of art.I love to cook and enjoy going out to eat to new places. I plan on traveling and meeting new friends ever where i go. Pre-Dating then emails each guest a list of participants who would like to hear from them again!

If you missed today’s speed Rotary, you missed a special day.(Click on photos to expand them.) Thanks to the following Rotarians who served on the Speed Rotary Ad-Hoc Committee: Deb Raupp (Chair), Richard Bliss, Lew Harned, Heather Hopke, Donna Hurd, Craig Klaas, Paul Riehemann, Susan Schmitz, Jim Taylor and Bob Winding.Our thanks: to Peter Cavi for this review article; to John Bonsett-Veal for coordinating photography and video for the first-ever Madison Rotary video blog post; Uriah Carpenter, a member of Oregon Rotary, for capturing video and photo highlights of our Speed Rotary session.Questions included “What is the value of a great idea? ” In addition, Rob Ringeisen spoke about his business (Tom James clothiers) and Dave Ewanowski, founding partner at KEE Architecture, highlighted recent work of the firm. Speed Rotary sped along, and those five-minute conversations seemed over in an instant. “Old dogs can learn new tricks…when they are taught them by younger dogs.” “Having your legacy go on after you are gone involves bringing in new blood.” “Take your wife to your favorite places in the world before it’s too late.” “Linked In has all these bells and whistles I could really use.” “As a guest, I was totally impressed that Rotarians would take this time to get to know one another.” “Different generations talked today – someone asked me how old I was! It’s not that we can’t ask personal questions during normal Rotary meetings, but it may seem a bit unnatural when it is not moderated.” “People are job hunting….subtly.” “Caught up with some old friends.” “Made a return phone call in person.” “Met a techie who doesn’t tweet.” Try it – tweeting that is, go to twitter.com, find #speedrotary and comment about today. Today’s speed Rotary session highlighted members in short, focused conversations with people that they probably didn’t know well.

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