Updating nvidia drivers debian

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You don’t lose a lot by not having the latest version of everything.

It dynamically redirects you to a server close to you.Here’s how Debian’s official backports webpage describes what back-porting means: Note: in this example the codename is “stretch.” If at the time you read this the codename is different, for example “buster,” replace every occurence where you see “stretch” with “buster.”Debian’s APT package manager stores the list of repositories where it can download software in a file.View and edit this file with the following command:”Your APT sources list might not include the words “contrib” and “non-free.” In this case it means you don’t have some packages available.With a static server you might notice that your computer hasn’t been automatically updating for days or weeks, while the server was offline.On some installations the default file “/etc/apt/sources.list” might be missing.

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