Updating last data entered in excel

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) and place it on the bottom right corner of the form. A new visual basic macro is required to open the form and display any required default values in the fields. The user could be asked to enter it into a range of cells on a worksheet as shown in the Figure 5 above.

Change it's name property to something such as f Confirm. Within the visual basic editor, insert a new module (and if necessary double click on its name to open it). (In a real life example the error checking bits and pieces in columns C and D should be placed elsewhere or hidden).

The user clicks a button [Add] contained on a worksheet. It looks in cell B3 to find the last row of data on the table (New Row). The value of the last row number on the data table is detected; the name is reset as empty; the amount to zero; and the date to todays date. A macro keyboard shortcut can be added to run either of the 'Add' macros illustrated on this page.

A dialog box (Figure 2) then appears, requesting three pieces of information. It then checks to see if the f Name field has been entered. The code then opens the form and tells the cursor to move to the f Name field.

In need to update them monthly from an Excel sheet.

First formatting the text box as desired and then pasting(linking) a single excel cell without border and keeping it in front of the text box.” Sudeep, thanks for the great question and solution! These tips will fill in the gaps, speed up your work, make presentations easier, and help you get better results.

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Each Text Box has a series of properties to define it. The Control Source property for the field controls is not essential and it does have complications. The 'Forms' toolbar is needed in order to create the [Add] button.

Within the 'Properties' box, give the fields memorable names (f Name, f Amount and f Date) and link the 'controlsource' property of each one to a worksheet cell ('=Forms1! This provides a field with an initial default value (such as todays date). The relationship is two-way and so any formula in the linked worksheet cell gets overwritten with the text that is entered in the form control. Select Click here to see an example of exporting the contents of a form directly into a text file It isn't necessary to create a VBA Form to collect the data.

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