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Open the redsn0w folder and you will see five files and applications. Now plug your i device into your computer using your cable. JUST WAIT AND BE PATIENT.while you are waiting, read up on teethed and unteathed jailbreaking. you will see your home screen, but cydia will not be on it. Follow the onscreen instructions about turning your i Pod off and the DFU.

When the jailbreak is done, your device will reboot again. Your i Device will reboot again, with a pineapple logo, indicating a teethed boot. When your i Device turns back on, unlock it and look for the cydia logo.

If you're the sort who will want to pull the trigger on upgrading to i OS 12 the moment it's released, there are some steps that you should take so you don't end up in a world of hurt. Software Update and carry out the update from there.

As for the time, Apple releases major software updates at around 10 AM PT (1 PM ET, 5 PM GMT, 6 BST).

Update: This page claims that the i Pad 2, i Pad Mini, and 5th-generation i Pod Touch are supported by i OS 10, but Apple's developer beta site doesn't have beta builds available for those devices, and the support list used in the WWDC presentation didn't list any of them either.

We've emailed Apple to confirm which page is correct and will update again when we get a response.

As you may know, jailbreaking an i Pod is breaching apples security on the divide, therefor breaching any warrant.

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If you like to live on the edge, smash that update button as soon as Apple makes i OS 12 available (but don't say I didn't warn you).

Also: Apple products you should not buy (September 2018 edition) Also, if you use your device in a BYOD setting, make sure you get the OK from the IT department before upgrading in case you're unable to access the network or data you need. After a week or so you should see a red badge appear on the Settings app.

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