Updating firefox

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The new appearance will also be available on i OS and Android.

Add-ons hosted on AMO automatically receive updates to new versions posted there.

If you have set Firefox as your default browser, it is recommended to keep Firefox up-to-date and enjoy its unique features.

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I’ve explained the easiest way of how to prevent Firefox from updating in this guide. In some Firefox directory, it may be written as ‘user_pref(“app.update.enabled“, false)’.

It is advised to read this post till the end and get accustomed to the fact here. It means you have disabled Firefox auto updates To enable Firefox automatic update again, you have to repeat the steps and double-click on the same. It means the browser will now update automatically. So, look carefully, make changes to true/false, save it and close the Explorer. Hope this information has helped you in getting an answer to ‘how to stop Firefox from updating automatically’!

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