Updating expressgate on asus Camchat public sites

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I don't use it for its borked resolution and, well, general ugliness, but it would be nice to put the EG-button (Eeepc 1001p) to good use, i.e. Had the Asus recovery DVD and instructions from forum.Started out by using live USB from old ubuntu remix to use Gparted on drive and create 1.5GB NTFS partition. When I looked it up , I found that only one partition can have a boot flag, and giving the NTFS partion the flag didn't affect the ubuntu boot.You can list the UUIDs of your partitions using the command 'ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/' 6.

I tried installing my own (install-mbr, syslinux, etc.), but just ended up with a screenful of noise. It booted however with a corrupt video display, you could make out most of the icons etc. This has me a little closer to finding a resolve on how to restore this splashtop. does anyone know how to install this integrated Spalsh Top again?

Now enter the UUID of the appropriate partition into the file. If it doesn't work, make sure that the Sata mode in BIOS is set to IDE emulation, otherwise splashtop won't work at all (see the mainboard manual) 8. (just sucks that a Linux based prgm doesn't run naturally on Ubuntu 8.10) Went through steps 1 - 6 (step 4 used bootable g Parted & put at end as advised) BUT in step 7 I did not get a in the /mnt folder. I suspected this wouldn't be necessary, but it's good to know it isn't! Note that this is on an Eee Box B202 with Ubuntu Jaunty installed. Create a 1GB NTFS partition at the end of your HDD and give it a "boot" flag (the installation takes 865MB). An idea how this Splash Top can be recovered when accidently blowing up the partitions. They say it wouldn't be possible to recover Express Gate without recovering the whole system with help of the support dvd.

There are two folders, Program files & windows but the file isn't there either. note: mounting the NTFS partition is only necessary to copy the Splashtop install over to the new partition. I called mine Express Gate and it shows up in Nautilus, but I've set it as unmountable if not root. Download and extract this file: "ftp://com/pub/ASUS/misc/utils/Express Gate SSD_Express Gate V1231.zip". Open Express Gate(HDD)/ST_ASUSEG00_HD_v1.2.3.1_20080605. This would be very sad because i would have to install ubuntu again and configure all the things - very sadly. I think there should be a way to just recover Express Gate.

b) downloaded the newest expressgate installer from c) executed this installer using wine d) copied the directories belonging to express gate from .wine/device_c/ to the previous created fat32-partition e) changed the uuid in the file to the uuid of the fat32-partition f) tried to boot express gate with help of the express gate button on my eee pc 1001p FAILED now i want to try wether it is possible in genereal to boot this splashboot installation via my grub.

i think when this test is positive the only thing to change would be the where the express gate button points at. So my tests and the asus support says: no chance to get express gate running without resetting the whole system, which means, loosing all your datas/partitions on the hard drive and install win xp then express gate ... firstly i don't want to loose all my things and secondly i'm not sure wether it will work afterwards, when then installing ubuntu again on this machine. is there someone who knows if there's a way to use the express gate button as button for starting a certain entry in grub?

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