Updating a hyperlink in iweb

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This may also work to solve the problem that in some cases i Web doesn't display the website after upgrading to Lion.

1) Click here to download a script named i Web Drop 2) Place the script on your Desktop or in your Applications folder.

Both of this Browsers are real Browsers, they work both on Mac PC and they are both freeware.

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When visiting the website online in a browser like Safari the objects don't display where they display in i Web itself.- Try deleting the preferences file as mentioned in the A few general tips in Chapter 2.1 of this page. - Click here if you have i Web ’06 to download a domain.sites file - Click here if you have i Web ’08 to download a domain.sites2 file (Suggested by Roddy, thank you! - Go to i Photo, select some photos, go to Share and "Send to i Web" (try both Blog and Photopages) Many people report that going through this procedure 3-4 times awakens their i Web... - Try to follow the “A few general tips” at the top of this page. - Reinstall i Web 2.6 i Web is not showing my website Follow Chapter 1.1 of this page to find and open your Domain file.If all that didn’t help, have a look at the second suggestion by OT on this post. If that doesn't work you will have to rebuild your website as of Chapter 2.3 of this page.In photos slideshows the back, forward and pause buttons don't display anymore. For fixes and alternatives please have a look at Chapter 9 of this page.1.3 Text formatting problems: The formatting on the web doesn't match with the one showed in i Web. That usually happens if multiple changes in the font styling have been applied in the course of time. 1) Add a new Text Box to your page 2) Set the font in the Text Box to the main font you're using on the page in question 3) Select all the content of the Text Box where you experience formatting problems (cmd a), copy it (cmd c) and paste it in the newly created Text Box (cmd v) 4) In case you also have images, Text Boxes, ...

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