Totaly interracial dating

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I interviewed them last year at their home in Los Angeles to find out more about the series.(A note: I was waiting to publish this until season two premiered—and somehow I completely missed season two!Those themes don’t suggest that every couple is identical.

The first couple were family friends of Codie’s outside of Detroit, where they were filming a different movie.Later, after filming some interviews closer to home, they took a two-week road trip from New York to Atlanta, filming two or three interviews a day, with each lasting one or two hours. “The idea is meant to create an intimate environment where it’s just a conversation.”Codie pointed out that “no one’s really comfortable talking about their marriage to strangers with a camera.”So they began interviewing people by simply asking couples for advice.Black Love is an intimate, close-up series—just a couple sitting on a couch talking through the ups and downs of their relationship—because that’s how it’s filmed. As Tommy explained, “ Not that any relationship is the same—helping us understand what you’ve gone through, it helps.”Framing the conversation that way helps the couples open up, he said.The OWN reality series Black Love lets people tell the stories of their relationships, which are relationships we don’t typically see on television: marriages between black people.There was a clear desire for those stories: its premiere two years ago was the “most-watched unscripted series debut in OWN history,” the network said.

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