Thai dating experiences

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Even though I found different statistics, we can assume that about 5.000-20.000 are bar girls work in this city.I believe that 10.000 is a far more realistic number than 20.000, but let’s calculate this example with the high estimate.Depending on where you go, you might meet a couple of girls who are on holiday or who just take a break from work. There are several cafes and restaurants that offer speed dating events.A couple of years ago they even tried to set a new speed dating world record. Remember, it’s a city with thousands of foreigners and tens of thousands of lonely Thai girls who can’t find a decent man.​Even though I think that speed dating is fun, I believe that it’s not the best way to meet women in Pattaya. No, I don’t mean the prostitutes who use the hotel lobby as a place to hunt for customers.You should, however, care about the Approach ten Pattaya girls in ten different hotels and I guarantee you that you will go on at least one date.That’s the power of hotel game (I should trademark this).​Yeah, I know. I mean, it’s obviously way easier to find a decent girl when you approach women who work in the hotels or the restaurants near the Walking Street, than when you go to a club on the Walking Street. A lot of the girls you find in the clubs, especially the ones with many tattoos, are either bar girls who didn’t get barfined or freelancers who have too many STDs to work in one of the bars (stay away from them).That’s the time when the bar girls are sleeping because they banged, umm worked so hard the night before. Go out and approach beautiful Thai girls who don’t have a water buffalo with diarrhea, Come on, make them smile. There are dozens of places in this city where Just walk in and approach one of the girls.But make sure that she is not surrounded by ten of her coworkers. Oh, and in case you neither know how to approach her nor how to get her number, this article about approaching women and this article about getting a girl’s number will help you.​Of course you can walk around all day and approach one girl after another in the streets of Pattaya.

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And I think the best way to show you just Having a tattoo or uploading thousands of selfies in revealing clothes is normal in the Western world.But these things are anything but normal in Thailand.They are only normal for a girl who doesn’t go to Mc Donalds when she tells you that she has night shift.​It’s far easier to meet a normal Thai girl in Pattaya when you look for her during the day.This article is for men who want to find a girlfriend or a wife in Pattaya who doesn’t charge for every hour.Let’s have a look at where to meet and how to date amazing women in a city that is known for blowjob bars and fake girlfriend experiences…​Pattaya is a big city.

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