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We think that one of the best parts of being a geek is that you get to express your love of exactly what you love, and rarely tone it down for anyone.Of course there are times when you read the room and know that it's time to not be quite as big a geek as you normally are, but it's hard to think that on a geek dating site is one of those times.They may not love Tom Baker as much as you do, but at least there will be a level of shared interests, and common language (we don't mean Klingon, but you never know...).If you're a geek, there's a strong chance that you've already met many people on the internet already.There's no point in being a geek if you aren't going to use your advanced internet skills in order to research where you're going to find the best geek hookups after all, is there? If you're looking for a different type of dating site review, you can also check out our larger dating site reviews index!We all know how popular online dating has become, and sometimes it's hard for a geek to sign-up for a dating site and see nothing but people who look like the social butterflies who you were either too shy to ask out in high school, or who were perhaps mean to you.You simply flipped a coin, or you could sign up for both to find out which was the right site for you.Considering how many geek dating sites there are online now, that would be next to impossible, so you need to rely on dating site review directories like the one that we've put together below.

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When your interests aren't as popular as say, your local sports team, and you don't know anyone in your area who you can talk to about your favorite TV shows, bands, computer programming language, etc.

We know that geeks are typically shy, so the internet makes dating easier.

Check out these geek dating site reviews on to find the best ones.

While a lot of geeks love cosplay, we want to suggest that your first profile picture isn't of you in a costume.

If you're wearing a costume more often than you're not in your life, that's a different story, but typically your main photos should be accurate representations of what you look like in your day to day life.

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