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"My profile" is quite useful as there are also other options that users need to use - e.g. So, is there a way how to Hide the above mentioned Icons (icons bellow Avatar), so people cann't contact each other? My forum is made to share all the posts and information for EVERY user.I don't support any users, that intend to share information just between 2 or 3 users (through Skype, ICQ etc.).

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But nothing – not even the re-recording of the theme tune in 1992 – has left fans of the Radio 4 soap as furious as news that the Archers BBC message board, a long-running online community for Ambridge addicts, is closing down.Several of their developers and/or support people lurk in the forum and answer people's questions.It's been interesting because I've learned a good bit about Skype simply by reading the Q&A that go see the first X amount of time and then you can get more of the history.Second, if you don't want to receive an alert " as in "/alertson dan" and you'll only get an alert when that text is typed in a message. Well, the folks at Skype have been using this particular group chat as a vehicle for people to communicate issues with first the Skype 3.0 beta and now the released Skype 3.0.

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