Single mom dating divorced dad

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If you have a needy personality, then I’m going to suggest that dating a divorced parent isn’t for you.

You have to be able to let them be the best parent they can be.

I wanted to share my tips on how to thrive while dating a divorced dad in case it’s a risk you’re thinking about taking.

When you date a dad, there’s a fear that you have to compete with his children for his time and attention. No, you aren’t always going to be his number one priority in life but nor should you be.

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Scenario 1: Crisis If the issue is a crisis that requires a response, I will apologize, explain the situation briefly, and respond with a text or phone call. But if you’re avoiding the confrontation because “his kids need him all the time,” that might be the issue right there.For me the key thing about building a relationship with his kids was to let things develop slowly and organically, like any relationship and not try to force or rush things. Don’t hold it against them and certainly don’t take it personally although of course it probably feels personal. Your relationship with them is already unique and special and you don’t need to force it to be something it isn’t. It’s not a relationship you get to experience very often and when you do, it’s a really special one.It would be easy to sigh and wish they came without all the baggage. But for me, it’s his past that has made him more emotionally mature and a better communicator.This makes it easy for me to support him to be there as much as he can for them without feeling hard done by or like I’m in second place.He knows he is free to be there for them as much as he can without feeling he’s letting me down.

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