Sharepoint 2016 user information list not updating

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So the requirement turned towards Share Point as: ! Delete Users from User Information List using Share Point UI: If there are only few accounts to be deleted, then you can navigate to "Site actions All People (_layouts/people.aspx)" to remove users from site collection.By the way, those accounts were already deleted from active directory and from Share Point user profile import connections. By the way, this application page pulls users from user information list only!

sharepoint 2016 user information list not updating-56

To Generate Report on All Users from User Information List: using System; using System.

The UPSA syncs information from the AD and updates the UIL but it does not delete the user from it.

Scenario I have created a user “Test Maarten” in the Active Directory and granted him member permissions in Share Point.

I've had this issue on one or 2 other occasions and have never been able to fix the issue without adding the user directly to the site instead of the AD Group they are a member of.

I've tried to compare the user's group memberships to the other CSRs that are working and I cannot find anything that is different.

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