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TEENS DECLARE A WRAP ON DATING ABUSE, Break the Cycle, Hope Line and DR. TEENS EXPERIENCING ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS POWER AND CONTROL WHEEL, adapted from the ,, Alexandria, VA: June 10, 2005. TEENS, SEX, & SAFETY (podcast), The DATE SAFE Project, Greenfield, WI. TAKE THE QUIZ, Roberta Mc Culloch-Dews, TEXAS TEAM SURVEY SHOWS PROGRESS IN IMPLEMENTATION OF TEXAS TEEN DATING VIOLENCE LAW, Barbara Ball, Barri Rosenbluth and Karen Kalergis, Texas Dating Violence Prevention Team, San Marcos, TX: 2010.

Lewis Kannegieter, Lewis Kannegieter Law Ltd., Monticello, MN: February 2013.WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT DATING VIOLENCE: A TEEN’S HANDBOOK, Liz Claiborne, New York, NY. WHEN DATING BECOMES DANGEROUS: A PARENT'S GUIDE TO PREVENTING RELATIONSHIP ABUSE (podcast of an interview conducted by Prevent Connect), Patti Occhiuzzo Giggans, Peace Over Violence, Los Angeles, CA: February 6, 2014., Lowell, MA: August 17, 2006. WHEN DOMESTIC VIOLENCE STARTS YOUNG: A CLASSROOM CAMPAIGN AND NEW HOT LINE ARE PART OF A NATIONWIDE PUSH TO PREVENT ABUSE, Bonnie Miller Rubin, , December 11, 2012. "YOU OWE ME": EFFECTS OF DATE COST, WHO PAYS, PARTICIPANT GENDER, AND RAPE MYTH BELIEFS ON PERCEPTIONS OF RAPE (abstract), Susan A.Basow and Alexandra Minieri, “After fifteen years of working to end domestic violence, we have learned that teens are not immune from abuse in relationships.There are vast media campaigns which are designed to be informative to the public, as well as policy makers and potential victims.Early American colonists were largely male, and some men resorted to force to procure wives.

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