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While it might seem like an overwhelming process or not worth the hassle, a captain’s license really is worth it.Yes, you have to take a course (usually 7 to 10 days spread out over a few weeks), spend a bit of money upfront (the cost ranges from 0 to 0), and fill out some paperwork…but that’s a small investment when you think of all the money you’ll be able to make by booking charters on your boat.They stated that this rescue was carried out in compliance with the obligation to provide assistance to persons at sea in a situation of danger under Article 98 of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).As per a recent report from the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe, the European Commission, and recent case law in Italy, Libya cannot be considered a safe port.These are sometimes called a 6-pack license (because Operator boats hold 6 people, not because your passengers can crush a 6-pack of beer…).The Master license is for inspected vessels (larger boats that can carry 7 or more passengers) that travel up to 200 miles offshore or on inland waters.It's a smart choice when connecting with complete strangers.

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The applicant submitted that on 12 June 2019, Sea Watch 3 responded to a boat in distress off the coast of Libya and rescued 53 people.Protecting your identity and privacy is our mission.We care about that no one collects your contact details without you being able to contact them in return.While entering the port, the ship collided with boats of the Italian authorities.The applicant was subsequently charged with the use of force against Italian warships.

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