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I do have a simple litmus test that can help though.It is a fact that ought to be recognized by all, that men and women typically struggle with lust in different ways.

We ought to direct our children to actively seek the Lord’s aid in finding a spouse. We should teach them early on, by scripture and by example, what kind of a spouse they should seek.

I can’t proclaim this as dogma, but it seems like sound reasoning to me. We are not to toy with them, let alone indulge them. , “Flee sexual immorality.” Again, the verb denotes the urgency.

Romans God commands all Christians to “flee youthful lusts”(2 Tim. The very description of these lusts as “youthful” makes it clear that they are particularly strong in young people, even though they do not disappear with age and must be mortified by all. We are to flee from youthful lusts and sexual immorality as if they were a battalion of armed men or a bear robbed of her cubs!

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She was going to elope with her boyfriend without letting her parents know.

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