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Having different perspectives on your profile not only gives potential matches a more vivid image of what you are like, but the profiles that include testimonies from multiple friends also get up to 70 more clicks.

Getting your friends involved is about much more than just building a stand-out profile.

If you are struggling, get your friends involved – they will definitely have an opinion.

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By having these pre-dates, you don’t waste time on someone who may have seemed a good match on paper but you don’t click with in person.Her unique site encourages daters to get support from their friends to help them find love online – from getting them to write dating profiles to avoid the cringe factor of describing yourself, to encouraging friends to help choose matches.My Single has always celebrated the social side of dating, and since its launch Sarah’s pioneering site has been responsible for countless matches, marriages and babies.Often people find one person they like the look of then fixate on that person, planning an imaginary future together from the first “hello”.This may happen, but it is quite unlikely you will strike it lucky with the first person whose profile you like.

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