Rowvalidating example

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The example below shows how you could replace an existing automatically-generated "Units In Stock" column with a new custom column that supports the Masked Edit feature. Columns("Units In Stock")) ' remove the existing column Data Grid View1. Remove At(index) ' create a new custom column Dim dgv Masked Edit As New Data Grid View Masked Edit Column dgv Masked Edit.

Dim index As Integer ' find the location of the column index = Data Grid View1. Mask = "####" ' this mask will allow only numbers (max of 4) dgv Masked Edit.

' ' Check to see if the user input meets all of the business rules before ' we move on to another row. Data Grid View Cell Cancel Event Args) Handles _ Data Grid View1. Value The error checking discussed in the previous section may not detect "data integrity errors" (those errors where the input violates a database foreign key, unique, or primary key constraint).

' Private Sub Data Grid View1_Row Validating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As _ System. Row Validating ' Assume that text input is complete when you attempt to navigate ' away from the row Data Grid View1. In this case we're just checking to ' see if the Unit Price is a positive number If Data Grid View1. Luckily, the Data Grid View Combo Box Column control was designed to help solve this problem.

From Visual Studio, all you'd have to do is add the MDB file to the project and it will automatically launch the Data Source Conversion Wizard. You can perform most of these tweaks by either using the designer or via code. Padding = p ' set the monetary string format style.

It has the initial "look and feel" of an Excel spreadsheet.The remaining overrides are to adjust to the fact that the Masked Text Box control supports multiple "validating types". Editing Control Formatted Value Get Return Me.value Is Changed. End Sub Public Read Only Property Reposition Editing Control On Value Change() As Boolean _ Implements IData Grid View Editing Control.Public Class Data Grid View Masked Edit Cell Inherits Data Grid View Text Box Cell Dim p Column As Data Grid View Masked Edit Column Public Sub New() End Sub Public Overrides Sub Initialize Editing Control(By Val row Index As Integer, By Val _ initial Formatted Value As Object, By Val data Grid View Cell Style As Data Grid View Cell Style) My Base. To String End Get Set(By Val value As Object) If Type Of value Is [String] Then Me. To String End If End Set End Property Public Function Get Editing Control Formatted Value(By Val context As _ Data Grid View Data Error Contexts) As Object Implements _ IData Grid View Editing Control. Text End Function Public Sub Apply Cell Style To Editing Control(By Val data Grid View Cell Style As _ Data Grid View Cell Style) Implements _ IData Grid View Editing Control. Reposition Editing Control On Value Change Get Return False End Get End Property Public Property Editing Control Data Grid View() As Data Grid View Implements _ IData Grid View Editing Control. Value Member = "Category ID" ' the numeric value to look up in the "child" table dgvc.Display Member = "Category Name" ' the column value you want displayed dgvc. Get Data() ' the child table ' some more tweaking dgvc. Automatic ' insert the new column at the same location Data Grid View1. Insert(index, dgvc)) Now the user can select the user-friendly Category strings and also is prevented from selecting a value that's not a valid Category ID If the 5 built-in column types is not sufficient, it is fairly easy to add a custom column type yourself.

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