Ron and hermione dating

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The trees had pixie lights strung on them, but not lights-lights, they were actual pixies!Some were magically stung together by strung but some were flying around, some yellow, green, pink, purple, blue and other colors!"Come here, Ron." Hermione said, leading Ron over to the blanket and sitting down. "There was some water lily's there and I remember, looking at it and concentrating and watching the lily spin at first, then fly into the air. " She had a far-away look in her eyes, like she was that 7 year old-girl."You're probably wondering why this place is special to me." Hermione said, looking around the place with sparkling eyes and a smile on her face. Ron took her hand and that snapped her back to reality.Ron came over and placed a hand on Hermione's shoulder. Let's go and eat." She said, taking his hands and leading him back to the picnic blanket. She stuck her arm in the basket till it was up to her shoulder. He was wearing simple blue jeans and a striped red and white, long-sleeved shirt. ●◦●◦● After all the food was eaten and the lemonade drunk, Ron and Hermione leaned back to watch the sunset."You've got an eye for this sort of thing." He said winking. She must have put the same enchantment she put on her beaded bag. Hermione thought the sunset looked amazing but Ron thought she looked more amazing.

"And I'm glad that you became a witch and went to Hogwarts.

She pointed her wand at the flowers and they started glowing with sparkles flying around them.

And lastly she pointed sun, which was slowing setting into the sky, and it seemed more beautiful than usual.

She liked Ron since her Second year at Hogwarts and since they were finally together, she wanted to take him somewhere special.

Right in the center was a picnic blanket that changed color according to the mood of the person sitting on it.

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