Relative age dating concepts

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Always start with the oldest rock and work toward the present.Once you've figured out the relative ages, type your answers in the white blocks, then go to the bottom of the page and click on the button marked "Submit Answers for Correction." A box will open which will tell you the answers you missed.In general, the oldest units are on the bottom and the youngest units are on the top (law of superposition).There can be lots of complexities, such as folding events, faulting, erosion events, intrusion by magma, etc.In total, there are ten games in this learning objective, including: A further preview of each game is below.You can try the games within the learning objective for free on the Legends of Learning site with an account.

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Read the questions here BEFORE you start reading the chapter, then keep the Reading Guide beside you as you go through the chapter.

We put these events into the order in which they occurred, starting with the oldest, and working toward the youngest.

Recall the law of cross-cutting relationships to figure out "what cuts what".

Click OK and it will give you the number correct, the number left blank, and the number wrong.

In this series of games, your students will learn about the earth’s geologic timeline and how scientists find and use clues to color in the details of our planet’s history.

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