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Stable isotope geochemistry of pedogenic carbonate is a powerful tool to obtain information about paleoenvironmental patterns.

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The tops of the remains of limestones, which serve as nuclei for carbonate precipitation, were capped.More recent studies often pretreat the samples using chemical or physical means to remove either carbonates or OM before radiocarbon analysis, which enable separate Traditionally, research has focused on analyzing SOC dynamics without considering SIC and total soil carbon (TC).Soil inorganic carbon was proposed to be included in the ecosystem services framework for the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) because of its significance in soil fertility (e.g., liming, fertilization, etc.) [21].Two of these pendants were selected for stable carbon (δ plants with temporary dominances of the latter.Three radiocarbon ages between 43 and 35 ka BP indicate that the pendants formed almost entirely during the Upper Pleistocene with high growth rates of 4.1 to 9.7 mm / 1000 a.

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