Quality center error while updating views who is lil wayne dating 2016

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My old project team was very small (a handful of developers and myself as the sole tester).As we were a small team I removed the default defect status workflow for a bit of flexibility in reporting.With the Status field highlighted, the right-hand pane will display the transition rules section.Select Add, and add in the transition rules for each status change.The Test: I extract the following two reports: From the Excel Report Generator SELECT AU. Select Columns, Visible Columns = Defect ID, Status, Due Date.First Test: do I only have Closed defects with a BG_CLOSING_DATE field completed? I have two defects that are not yet Closed that have dates set.Select Change, then the Defects tab on the resulting pop-up.

Save and test the changes with a test account to ensure the status transitions are correct.Now I remember why the field label has been changed – for the past month or so we’ve been using the field as the “Expected” closing date for forecasting.Luckily the field doesn’t appear to have been used that much, so for the two errant defects I clear the field, create a user-defined field for Due Date, add the new field to the defect form in the Workflow Script Editor, update the field for the two defects, and rename the BG_CLOSING_DATE field back to Closing Date.Here I will teach you the first step which you should know before doing any automation related to Quality Center using Excel Macro.That first step is nothing but connecting to the Quality Center using excel macro. Wait..." ' Create a Connection object to connect to Quality Center Set td Connection = Create Object("TDApi Ole80.

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