Problems updating entropia universe

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This tool is for all of you, so your feedback is most welcome.Send your suggestions to [email protected] post them on our forum 05/12/2018 Patch v1.0.5.0 New Planet and P fixes: - P will once again reposition the map (after MA update) - Added Arkadia Moon Map - Added Next Island Ancient Greece Map - Added Rocktropia Secret Island Map - Added Rocktropia Hunt The Thing Map 06/01/2016 Patch v1.0.4.0 All about Depth: - Your tools will now allow for entry of Min, Average and Max search depth - Minimum and Maximum search depth will auto update based on your finds - Your runs will now display your min avg and max depth of finds - The statistics depth tab will now refresh with each claim found - It will also display the finders range 03/01/2016 Patch v1.0.3.0 Resource Periodic Symbols: - Re-vamped the claim detailed screen to include graphics - These graphics are a tie-n to the Periodic Table of Minable Elements - The table will be soon used as an interface inside the LBML 01/01/2016 Patch v1.0.2.0 Tools Window and New Radar Sampling: - Added Tool Window that now supports 5 sets of tools - Changed Radar Sampling mechanism to accept any size - Removed warning - Added Missing Cyrene Map 03/01/2015 Patch v1.0.1.0 Calypso Gate Way: - New map added: Calypso Gate Way - Monria is now a special mining zone and your radius should automatically shrink - The updater has been patched to hopefully never empty the config file again - The config file will be forcefully replaced with a default one. Get it here Download 25/07/2014 Patch v0.9.5.0 New Import/Export Functionality: - Importing and Exporting got some attention - When you Export claims will now receive a hash - When Importing the hash is checked to validate the claim data - You can select to export only valid claim data (skipping the manually added claims) - You can select to import only valid claim data - This release also fixes login issues - Added new map pieces for Rocktropia 17/02/2014 Patch v0.9.4.0 Map Engine Re-Write: - Brand new map engine (full re-write) no more 800 errors!originall posted here UPDATE: today after the patch is the login able to use again, aswell if you lost sync.write a suport case and ASK for gold card sync and then just login normally.For all people with Gold card , write down your securtiy numbers if its not to late yet. UPDATE: MA announced: There is currently an issue preventing participants with the Gold Card security system from logging in to the Entropia Universe client, as well as the Entropia Universe account website.If you use more then 3 unsucessful tires you loose the sync to EU. Thank you for your patience while our technical team works to resolve this issue. im just a bit curious how they will fix the mass unsync from all the gold cards.the client will ask then to enter 2 security codes to re-sync.Entropia Pocket offers:- 2 Factor Authentication Key Generation- Entropia Universe Push Notifications Be Secure: 2 Factor Authentication Key Generation The Entropia Pocket App offers 2 factor authentication, protecting your Entropia Universe account and the value contained therein.

With the Entropia Pocket, you can rest assured that your Entropia Universe account is more secure.

Everything is plotted on a map so you can always return to your best spots.

"I have took upon myself the task of providing the best and feature rich tool to the miners of Entropia Universe.

Development started on the 21st May 2010, with the closed beta period lasting until end of February 2011.

On 1st of March 2011 the public beta period begins and ended with 2014. So far the projects provides a welcome challenge to me.

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