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If portions of electronic records can reasonably be redacted electronically, prior to disclosure, no payment can be required for time needed to review the records and redact.Do I have to give a reason why I want public records? A person requesting records cannot be required to provide a reason or indicate the intended use of the record might be.What happens if an agency fails to respond to my appeal?

When it takes an agency more than 2 hours to prepare, extract or generate electronic data, the agency could charge for the employee’s time. If you request that paper records be scanned and forwarded to you electronically, please see the following advisory opinions: 18568, 18620. If portions of the records may be withheld, however, the agency is permitted to require payment for redacted copies of records.

In sum, when an agency has the technology to scan a record without an effort additional to responding to a request in a different manner, and a request is made to supply the record via email, in our opinion, the agency must do so to comply with the Freedom of Information Law. Requests should be mailed or hand-delivered to the "records access officer" of the agency.

If the agency has email, an email request may be sent to the email address designated by the agency for such purpose.

If you wish to send a request via fax, you should check with the agency first.

Do I contact the Committee on Open Government to get public records?

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