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I question not, but that the English have also such, and such wee have occasionally noted. which yet are not Nationall faults, but personall, except the Nation doth justifie such unjustice, as Troy the Rape of Helena, and the Benjamites those Beasts of Gibeah, either by impunitie or defence. If the Dutch have such also, in the History of both I must mention both, and yet protest before God (to whom I xlix A NOTE TOUCHING THE DUTCH shall answere It with the burning of bodie and soule, not these Bookes alone, if I bee perfidious) that I am not guiltie to my selfe of hatred to that Nation, yea in these Discourses I have honoured it with and before others, following them round about the World to that purpose.And for this cause I have omitted some odious Greenland Relations, have altered and reprinted some more offensive general! d=s3.amazonaws.com/new-beeg/https://exrus.eu/redirect? url=https://s3.amazonaws.com/new-beeg/www-wap-420 N? d=s3.amazonaws.com/new-beeg/https://analyzer.gooo-gle.com/redirect.php? d=s3.amazonaws.com/new-beeg/https:// Policy.action?

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The Ninth proceedeth thorow the mayne land of Asia into Persia, Arabia, India, taking large view of those and other Asian Regions, retu Tning by Africa with later and iarger intelligence of the Easterne, Westerne and Northerne shores thereof; New view of the Turkish.

The First of those Bookes beginning our Third Part, delivereth especially the Authors of Tartaria in the succession of about three hundred yeeres, wherein the Second succeedeth, adding also Japan, Corea and China, with the first Discoveries of the Northerne and Caspian Seas by the English.

This Arctoan Region containing Russia, Nova Zembla, the Samoyeds, Siberia, Island, Frisland, Norway, with the Neighbour Regions, Cherry Hand, Greenland, Greenland, &c.

To and thorow The Remoter Parts of the Knowne World: Enquiries also of Languages and Religions :'jiiirv] made by Antient Kings, Patriarkes, Apostles, Philosophers, and others, to and thorow the remoter parts of the knowne World : Enquiries also of Languages and Religions, especially of the moderne diversified Prosessions of Christianitie THE FIRST BOOKE Chap. A large Treatise of King Salomons Navie sent from Eziongeber to Ophir : Wherein, besides the Typicall Mysteries briefly unvailed, and many Morall Speculations observed; the voyage is largely discussed out of Divine, Ecclesiasticall and Humane Testimonies: Intended as an his- toricall Preface to the Histories following. But alas how many make shipwracke of Faith by the way, and either are split on the Rockes of enormous crying Sinnes, or sinke in the smaller innumerable sands of habituall Lusts, covered with the shallowes (meere shadowes) of civill Righteousnesse. Almuggim Trees, whereof Solomon made Pillars for the ^7 11- Temple and Psalteries, every Tree which here beareth '' '^' "' good fruit, and every one that overcommethj will this Solomon there make a Pillar in the Temple of his God, and hee shall goe no more out.

lltending_to^j£iresen^^ the, " World i n^riie most certaine view, 1 1 thought a "world or"Au'th0f§ "firter for that purpose, then any One Author | writing of the World : whose discourse I might haply bee more even, facile,/ methodical], and contracted to a more compendious forme ; but could not avoid to be dispendious (if I may so speake) in the matter, and to suspend PURCHAS HIS PILGRIMES the Readers judgement for the authoritie. I had rather heare Plant, the meanest of Ulysses his followers relating his wanderifigs, then wander from the certaintie with Homer after all his readings and conjectures. Or if you had rather adjoyne to the Allegory, the Anagogicall sense and use ; this History will appeare also a Mystery and Type of Eternitie. Saints in light, figured by Silver, the most lightsome and ■"■'■ delightsome of mettalls to the eye. And they shall serve him Day and Night in his Temple, and hee that sitteth on the Throne shall dwell among them. Thus in divers respects are c- 3- I- IS- they both the Citie, and Temple, and Kings and Priests, and Instruments, and all these, and none of these : For I saw no Temple therein, saith that Seer, for the Lord God Almightie, and the Lambe are the Temple of it.

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