Pastor dating sites

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If they tell you that they are loving their independence, celebrate with them.

Do not overwrite single people’s experiences with your own expectations and stereotypes.

Until you’ve done that, don’t ask them potentially hurtful questions about their singleness or offer advice for how they should approach dating.

I also want to be judged as the minister I actually am.For as long as I’ve been in ministry, I’ve heard some version of “I’m praying for your future husband! ” These folks mean well, but their unspoken assumption seems to be that single equals bad and thirtyish equals bad, and so they suppose that being single and thirtyish must be the worst kind of misery. I have a full and fulfilling life—a community of deep friendships, compelling work that I care about, and significant dreams and goals I am moving toward.I would love to share this full and fulfilling life with a spouse, but I am not pining away for something I do not have.Do not assume you know how single folks feel or what they need to hear about their singleness.Start by being friends with them, by sharing your life with them and vice versa.

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