Over 50 dating site review complaints

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Building connections and burning calories at the same time are what Fitness Singles is really for.

The Profile Information section on every dating sites plays a big factor in finding your fitness/cuddle buddy online."As I got familiarized with the site, I have noticed and observed a few things on Fitness Singles that I want to share, so people (new users) are going to have ideas on what they can expect from the site.

The first thing is that the site's appearance or design is simple - the text fonts make the words more readable.

Another thing that I like about Fitness Singles is that there are no any explicit pop-up advertisements, unlike the other dating sites that I tried, which contain lots of annoying ads.

The fact that this dating site reviews and screens its members' profiles, proves that certain profiles are more legible.

However, profile information can be updated, changed, or edited anytime.

Its members are basically athletic, sporty, and into fitness.

These people are also looking for a partner and a gym buddy at the same time.

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When users submit their own proof of damages they earn the Evidence Submitted Badge, which gives our staff more information to investigate the complaint and increases the likelihood that the complaint may be reviewed by third parties who may be able to help.

However, there is a thing that makes me a bit disappointed, which is I have to upgrade my profile by subscribing on a plan first so I will be able to send and receive messages. My account is only a free user that is why my online dating experience here has limitations.

Having a premium account, I am pretty sure that members are going to love Fitness Singles and it will give us more hope in finding a date and a workout partner for life." - The web layout or design of Fitness Singles is very minimal. Fewer design entities make members or viewers focus more on the profiles.

Since this dating site is centered on people who have an active lifestyle, whether they are into fitness, sports, or any outdoor activities, new members can check their skill's rating on specific fields.

If you are a morning jogger, you can easily find your jogging and workout buddy here.

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