Out of office assistant not updating

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Mail organiser for Outlook to replace the built-in Rules Wizard.

Offers unlimited rule capacity (only limited by your computer hardware), quick folder find, attachment renaming, and Bayesian antispam mail filtering.

Obvious problems arise when going on vacation or not checking email for an extended period; your customers or business partners may get upset, thinking you’ve been ignoring them for days/weeks. What are some of the things you do or manage with your Outlook Rules?

for Outlook users who want to leverage the Out the Office Assistant despite the fact they don’t have a Microsoft Exchange email server. From now on everyone that e-mails you will get an automatic reply containing the custom message you set up in stage one.

Many Outlook users in the corporate environment are familiar with the Out of Office Assistant and use the Outlook function to alert customers or colleagues when they are not checking email because of vacation or illness etc.

Exchange/Outlook add-on to create custom replies, forwards, signatures -- inserting any type of boilerplate text into your message.Below you will find the step-by-step instructions on how to create an out-of-office auto-response without using an Exchange Server account. Well, we have done the first part of the job and now you need to create a rule to automatically reply to new email messages.You can do this by using an email template in combination with Outlook rules. In a similar way you can set up several vacations auto-reply rules, e.g.Using your server's "vacation reply" feature allows the response to be sent when the message arrives, not when Outlook downloads it.The Inbox Assistant and Outbox Assistant features are for Exchange mailboxes only and therefore, work only if you connect to Microsoft Exchange Server.

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