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Piercing eye contact with no warmth makes people feel objectified and anxious.(An upward camera angle can exacerbate this feeling, making the photo subject appear looming and superior.) In dating, safety is a huge concern for women.On Photofeeler, users that rate this type of photo as “intense” often also mark them as “aggressive” and say they would “prefer a smile” — in essence, asking the photo subject to soften their approach.Large, wide-open eyes can make the viewer uncomfortable, and can register as “crazy eyes.” We make our eyes big and stare longer when we assess threats (or if we are trying to be one), so a “deer in headlights” stare triggers uncomfortable feelings for most people.This will ensure that you get to know each other in a real-world setting before you get too consumed by each other’s dating profiles and create unrealistic expectations of the relationship.

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Usually this note is used when the subject of the photo is making the viewer feel a bit uneasy. A direct stare without a smile can be interpreted as confrontational, hostile, or even predatory to someone who doesn’t already know you.You can even use a wider shot as an opportunity to include your surroundings and show off a little more of your personality. You wouldn’t open a conversation with a stranger with a story about a loved one’s passing.A lighter, friendlier tone is always more appropriate for a first encounter (which is the role of your profile pic), whereas an extremely solemn demeanor feels heavy to load on someone you’ve only just met.Chatting through the dating site or via email is great, but if you’re both interested, don’t wait too long to take it to the next level.Exchange phone numbers, Face Time, or meet in person.

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