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,) that white men and Asian American women are viewed as most desirable, and that, for women, education has diminishing returns as those who have post-graduate degrees are seen as less attractive than those with less education.

Such findings make it seem like our chances of finding love in cyberspace are impossible, especially for highly educated women.

She finds that most online daters seek partners that are at least 25% more desirable based on individuals’ messaging and response rates, a strategy that has an abysmal success rate.

Among other depressing findings, at least for many of us, are that women’s online desirability peaks at age 18 (compared to age 50 for men!

As long as partners are on the same page about their expectations, each individual is likely to be more satisfied with how the union unfolds.

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Men increasingly view a partner’s ability to contribute economically imperative, and women with a college degree are best able to bring home the bacon, sometimes more than their male counterparts – even if the couple won’t admit it.

D., is an associate professor of sociology at the University of Indianapolis.

We might not be against online dating, but it doesn't fit with Roblox.

In the past, more studious women were less likely to tie the knot.

In 1950, only 67% of women with a college degree had ever married by age 55, compared with 93% of women with less than a college degree; there was no such gap between more and less educated men.

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