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It really was driven by just a playful desire to screw with her head a little, before I eventually told her about them.

I thought the most I might ever catch her doing, was maybe using her vibrator on herself while I was away, and if I caught her at that, I intended to call her, choose that moment to talk dirty to her, and maybe have a little phone sex.

These cameras were hidden in clocks, picture frames, mirrors, fake smoke detectors, and other devices that I could plant all over the house and no one would notice them.

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Same was true for the weekend I spent there for the funeral, about a month before my wife finally moved back home.

I did call her, and we did have phone sex, which is something that my wife had almost never done the entire time that I had known her.

But since I "caught her", in the act, at a particularly horny moment, she was game.

My wife and I were both in our fifties and had been married for over twenty years.

We were passionately in love with each other and had a very active sex life.

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