Novels about dating violence

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A job at a hat shop provides her with a taste of freedom, and introduces her to Isabella, a flapper from the local dance hall.To Garnet's shock, she finds herself romantically drawn to Isabella, even though the notion of a same-sex relationship is totally foreign to her.

— and kids can find it extremely difficult to figure out what healthy romantic love really looks like.until a mega pop star arrives and makes everything more complicated!But as Jack and Mouse grow closer, their sweet and funny relationship may help Mouse rediscover her love of dance and feel comfortable with who she is now.Six years later, though, Bryce is starting to look at Juli with different eyes, and suddenly her confidence in herself and her pride in her unique family are appealing, not strange.The only trouble is that Juli has just started thinking that maybe Bryce's beautiful blue eyes aren't enough to make him someone special.

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