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Which is sort of like claiming that cell phones are a luxury for the rich and famous to have in their cars…

This being our brave new world, whether we like it or not (and the movie poster to the right notwithstanding).

In a way, the online persona, with its lists of favorite bands and books, its roster of essential values and tourist destinations, represents a cheaper and more direct way of signalling one’s worth and taste than the kinds of affect that people have relied on for centuries—headgear, jewelry, perfume, tattoos.

Demonstrating the ability, and the inclination, to write well is a rough equivalent to showing up in a black Mercedes.

And yet a sentiment I heard again and again, from women who instinctively prized nothing so much as a well-written profile, was that, as rare as it may be, “good writing is only a sign of good writing.” Graceful prose does not a gentleman make.

opposites attract, physical resemblance attracts, etc), and the attendant R&D department to process the unprecedented reams of raw data they receive every day, to see what it tells them about their product: compatibility, attraction, conflict resolution, you name it.

In fact, they almost run their sites like laboratories, constantly testing out new theories, refining old ones, even observing couples in person.

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