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This famed street is a beautiful confluence of art and culture, history and heritage, exuberant celebrations, But by day, the charm of Victorian ‘Conch’ homes and buildings shines.

Duval Street proudly shows its cultural ties to the Bahamas and Cuba, both of which influenced its architecture.

Giant panda viewing information Indoor viewing for our giant pandas is closed as it is a sensitive time in the breeding season.

Tian Tian and Yang Guang both have access outside and outdoor viewing remains fully open.

There are the buildings in the Portuguese colonial style in the center of Phuket City.

If Webcams were around nearly a century ago, this one would stream from the same bar it does today.Another option is to always close the lid on your laptop, even if you have it turned off and you're planning to sit and play Xbox. You figure no one will ever take over your Twitter account so you don't bother using two-factor authentication.(The movie also makes the point that wiretapping can work even if a laptop screen is off.)More importantly, if you have a laptop sitting out in the open during an investor briefing about your company plans, or you are meeting with a lawyer to talk about a legal problem, or you decide to hold a meeting with every employee and explain how you have to fire everyone, then putting a piece of tape over a webcam might be a good idea. You avoid running a filter on your home router because you can't imagine anyone with access ever accessing an illegal site.At the south end, near the Southernmost Point in the Continental U.S., marked by an oversized buoy that attracts photos around the clock, Duval Street spills into the bright blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

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