Mena suvari dating seann william scott

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Jim’s classmates are all pointing and laughing, of course, at his goofy striptease and sexual ineptitude, but Nadia has been disappeared from the scene, hastily booted back to Slovakia.

Life, along a path strewn with dwindling sequels, has treated cast and characters alike with different degrees of kindness.

Directors Paul and Chris Weitz, working from a script by Adam Herz, give American Pie a democratic quality that allows all these young actors a chance to set themselves apart, though the boys naturally get more opportunities than the girls.

Biggs, Klein, Thomas Ian Nicholas and Eddie Kaye Thomas play the four virgins on the prowl, and they all eventually get what they want, but not before the universe punishes them for their efforts.

But it gives so little thought to the opposite sex, who are either brazenly lusty or careful gatekeepers of their own chastity, waiting for an “I love you” or some other show of sensitivity, like a password at a speakeasy.

Women seem as inexplicable to the film-makers themselves as they are to the characters.

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