Mark driscoll quotes on dating

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, published January 2012, is highly significant for it confirms his position as a teacher of sexual licentiousness among God’s people.Consistent with his previous teaching, Driscoll writes, ‘Legally and biblically anal sex is permissible for a married couple as Scripture does not forbid it.’ Indeed, in , the Driscolls appear to delight in dealing with intimate and perverted sexual matters in a way that is contrary to Scripture.Driscoll writes: ‘One night, as we approached the birth of our first child, Ashley, and the launch of our church, I had a dream in which I saw some things that shook me to my core.I saw in painful detail Grace sinning sexually during a senior trip she took after high school when we had just started dating.

This was his pretext for preaching through his favourite book of the Bible, the Song of Solomon, which he treated as a sex manual.

The Mars Hill Church website has provided hyperlinks to two pornographic websites, one of which deals with sex toys.

In her memo to leaders of The Gospel Coalition (2009), Cathy Mickels included this comment from Dr Judith Reisman (an expert on the flawed research and writings of Alfred Kinsey).

All things are lawful for me, but I will not be mastered by anything’ as the basis for their evaluation.

Burk writes: ‘Among the activities that the authors deem permissible within this taxonomy are masturbation, felatio/cunnilingus, sodomy (on both spouses), menstrual sex, role-playing, sex toys, birth control, cosmetic surgery, cybersex, and sexual medication.

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