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Her sex symbol status has been cemented by her 2008's Maxim #1 rank on the Hot 100 and FHM magazine in 2010 dubbing her the sexiest woman in the world.Miller has appeared on the cover or has been featured in many international fashion magazines including Vogue, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Marie Claire, Elle, Vanity Fair among others.It is not the time just to speculate, as we have seen Monaco playing with Billy in the bikini.As she mentioned earlier, she seems to be with her friends but was closer with Billy.From the look of them, it does not seem like them to be friends only.Both of them are actors of the ‘General Hospital’ and are portraying the role of Samantha Mc Call and Jason Morgan respectively. Although Kelly is not too open to the public, she was assumed allegedly being linked with some celebrities.She is the daughter of Albert “Al” and Carmina Monaco.

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Once, Kelly was linked with Val Chmerkovskiy who is a well-known dancer.

Besides, Monaco attended Pocono Mountain High School where she learned acting.

Even so, she's not shallow because Adam said she looked better in overalls then she did her regular clothes which is why she dumped him.

In "Photo Bombed" Marisa revealed to be the finalist of a photo contest where she took a photo of K. C's secret of being a spy after seeing her take out two enemy spies, but due to The Organization rules, K. It was revealed that the spray was just perfume and Marisa now knows K.

Later, when she went to a sushi bar, she discovered K. Marisa has beautiful long blonde hair and blue eyes.

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