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Please create a topic in the AA Support forum and describe in details the problem.You can also visit the America's Army IRC network to get live support. Open the channel #aa-support.) It will gather the information make sure that you check the 64 bit if applicable Choose Save All Information....When you have saved it on your desktop, the same procedure takes place and you need to follow steps #1 - #7 in fishers post. Firstly, open up the PBSetup file from your desktop.Instead of the path being the one in fishers post, you need to add this path which has been shown below. Marc, please download PBsetup by clicking on this link and choosing the appropriate platform.If it didn't come wih AA2, please ignore the NOTE above.

manually updating punkbuster for aa3-9

manually updating punkbuster for aa3-47

manually updating punkbuster for aa3-45

You can do this by creating a DXDiag report and by copying the last lines of the Army file (located in My Documents\My Games\AA3\AA3Game\Logs).

Click 'Add Game' and then click the drop down arrow and you should see Americas Army, do NOT click Americas Army 3 if you are needing it for AA2.

Click browse when you have chosen the game and do the following; Windows XP: C:\Program Files\Americas Army\System\PBSetup (I think) Click the PBSetup folder when you are at the end of the path and then click ok.

(by Contact Plus) Cyber Corder: Dell Network Assistant Desktop Armor DU Super Controler Dyn Advance Notifier Evernote Get Right Girder 3.2 HDD Life Pro Hpq Hyper Snap Jot Notes Lightning Download Macro Toolsworks m IRCStats News Leecher Paessler Router Traffic Grapher: prtg4Parent Tools PRTG Traffic Grapher Super Utilities XP Tools X:\Program Files\USArmy\america's army 3\AA3Game\Config\ (XP) X:\Program Files (x86)\USArmy\america's army 3\AA3Game\Config\ (Vista, Win 7) Search for: MBSQuery Timeout MS=350 Change it to: MBSQuery Timeout MS=500 Save the file and close it.

I am running Windows 10 as my Operating system (stupidly) and after the Windows update on 30th March, I can no longer join games because I keep getting kicked.

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