Man dating friends friends

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He would feel as though I didn't want to spend time with him, but I would try to encourage him to spend time with other people. That said, it was the clinginess that was the problem and not that he didn't have friends of his own.

If you're comfortable being independent and not having her be your entire social life, then things might be okay depending on the girl.

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I dont know what to make of it whether it's harmless or something else is going on. So she went to sleep for the night and I went on the laptop.

But between school, work, and needing time for myself I just can't make time or have the energy to keep up with friends. I hang out with my sister regularly and meet up with an old friend about every other week to drink and play billiards; but both don't exactly strike me as a circle of friends.

So knowing this how much value would you put on a guy based on the number of friends he has? If she's also somewhat introverted, it probably wouldn't bother her, but if she's the kind of person who wants to be around a lot of friends when she goes out, then it could be a problem.

Over the past months a few girls have expressed interest in wanting to go out with me.

To the women who think this is a turn-off: I understand the concern for the 'clingy' problem and so forth, but do you really judge a guy that harshly just because of circumstances that he can't really control? I ask because that's what happened to me in the past two years...

The answer for this question is not black and white.

The thing that is a turn off is when there is a bad reason for not having friends.

But in your situation, no it's not a bad thing if the reason you don't have friends is out of your control. As long as they were nice and there wasn't an obvious reason that they didn't have friends...treat people badly.

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